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As the Bible states, "Many are called but few are chosen".  Our founder and C.E.O.  Warren Garrett realized this biblical truth while going thru his own journey of being freed from addiction.  He was managing a recovery house for men and started to see the gaps that were present in the current system that was available to treat those suffering from addiction.  Warren saw that as men would leave the recovery house there was no where for them to go except to a rooming house that offered cheap rooms surrounded by drug use and criminal elements that posed severe risk and danger to those new in sobriety often leading them back into the life they so desperately tried to escape.  While Warren was grateful for the long term drug treatment programs in the area he realized that this seemingly never ending cycle was counterproductive.  He realized that for someone new to sobriety to take on  their own place right out of treatment , although possible, placed extreme pressure on the new creature in Christ so he put up his own house as a place for these men to go where they could have affordable short term housing in a Christian environment without all of the added pressure of having to pay every bill while being locked into a long term lease. 

Another aspect to this idea that he soon realized was that although finding a job and housing was the main goals of those new to recovery, these were small achievements in the grand scheme of things and these goals would not be enough to encourage one to push through the hard days sure to come to those new to sobriety.  Warren saw that while going through a long term program it was often difficult to dream and think big.  He decided that people new to sobriety would need sources of inspiration to develop goals big enough to withstand the onslaught of temptation that one experiences fresh out of treatment.  He began to go to hear people speak live and in person.  Warren realized that seeing someone in person that had only been seen on T.V. was an extreme boost to ones motivation to see someone previously thought to be bigger than life as an equal human being inspired one to reach for more.  Attending events such as leadership conferences were great ways to spark imaginations within those who had been spiritually dead.

Warren began a mission to encourage healing from addiction through inspiration and motivation rather than through force.  He also realized that instead of just blaming the addicted for the extremely low success rate throughout the local longterm programs in his area(less than 2% success) that it was better to instead take responsibility and try to do more.

Our mission is to inspire the uninspired through fellowship and community, through coaching and motivation from those who have already seen success, knowing that those who have not been exposed to success will be inspired to reach further if they see others who have done the same.

Our vision is to develop a community where those healing from addiction will live amongst those who have been healed and attract others just starting there journey with affordable and safe housing along with opportunities to join our non profit organization.  This will enhance the surrounding programs in the area and surrounding areas, increasing the success rates and reducing the crime and destruction that plagues our communities by giving the hopeless something to look forward to other than just a job and an apartment.  We encourage everyone to please get involved with our movement with either monetary donations, suggestions in or blog section and other correspondence , or by offering your time and skills.  Unity is the real cure and through our willingness to come together we can change the world and defeat the epidemic of addiction!

our team:
Warren Garrett
Benjamin Thomas

Vice President/Minister

Joshua Spaulding 


"Be merciful just like we were treated with mercy from the most high"

Project Coordinator 

Spaulding Sole Savers

”Change the narrative…”

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This could be your spot
Logan Narvaez


"Stand bold in your faith and belief in the most high Jesus Christ..."


Steve & Nancy Lane


"God did not give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and discipline..."

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