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How you can donate and help OUR Cause

Our vision is to create communities of those who are ready to go to the next level,to build housing for those who have made bad choices in life and strayed down the wrong paths but are willing to fight for a better life by taking responsibility and ownership for ones own development,not making excuses or placing blame but rather by taking massive action and striving for improvement. Our first house will be located in Lebanon,Pennsylvania. This will be the first of many homes designed to further instill principles of success and achievement. These homes will be placed throughout the community in order to serve and give back positivity to communities in order to overcome the negativity that surrounds us all. Those selected to enter the homes will have proven a desire to elevate themselves to the next level of their social development. They must have completed some prior commitment successfully such as but not limited to: drug and alcohol treatment,discipleship program and any other training that required discipline and commitment. These homes will be places of accountability and self assessment,offering guidance in but not limited to furthering education ,credit building and any other area of self improvement. We will not be accepting any applicants with any violence in their backgrounds nor any sexual misconduct.  Applicants will be required to maintain employment and be required to pay weekly rental fees,however the overall maintenance, costs of counseling, and any other services provided will be paid for through donations and products sold through our website.  We of God's Chosen Ones very much appreciate anything one may have to offer even if just a skill that can either be taught or provided as a service to help us improve our community and bring out the greatness within those that have been hidden from their own potential . Those that just want to come share their experience,strength and hope we will be hosting workshops and live discussions to show guys what is possible if one continues to strive for greatness.

ways you can donate:



You can contact us at if you have any services that can be offered or taught,or to set up a time to come share with us any experience,strength,and hope by leading groups and discussions.



On our home page you will see a 'donate' button that leads to our gofundme account and if you feel a desire to support us in that way we will be ever so greatful and you can be confident that all proceeds go towards the development of our communites.



You can contact us at to sponsor members who may need assistance or if you know of anyone who would benefit from being in our house of accountability please contact us to set up an interview.

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