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A True Success Story

We are so excited to share with you one of our success stories! A former resident who is now living his best life, who has reclaimed his rightful place as leader in his family’s life. A man who has reclaimed his life, and not because of us but rather sue to the most high and his sheer determination to choose greatness !!!

Introducing, Mr. Tim Sauder (pictured below with his wife and children)

Some words from Tim on the God's chosen one's transition home:

“This program was by far the best place that helped me with my recovery and helped me build up my will power!! I wouldn't consider it a program, it was more like testing my own will power and choices I made! I had the free will to leave or to use if I wanted too a get kicked out! Cause ultimately it was up to me if I follow the rules or continue to use. I like the fact that it's not a strict program! Get a job and do your chores and find god! Warren is a good man and he really was there for me and wanted to see all his people feel comfortable and happy in his program! If it wasnt for him and his program, who knows where I would have ended up!! But I did what I had to do, and i actually worked the program and not fake it to make it! Because of this program my life completely changed. I love everyday of my life! I am God's chosen one!!”

Tim Sauder

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