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A True Success Story in Recovery

It is our honor to have been able to connect with Tim and hear his story. He wanted to share his testimony in order to inspire the uninspired. So the following paragraph will be written in Tim’s own words....

My names Tim and im a person in recovery. I grew up in your normal working class family living with my grandparents. My mother was young when she had me but was always there. I always felt different in some way or the other. When i was 12 i used for the first time with some friends at school. After that i felt like i had what was missing. Something that made me complete. Going into high school was when things started to turn and others around me quickly saw that i wasnt like them when it came time to stop sunday night bc of class the next morning. I wanted to keep going. I played baseball all through school and in rec leauges and had a chance to play at the next level. That was ended when i was expelled from school bc of my using. It still wasnt enough. For 13 years i was an active daily user who used against my own self will. It wasnt fun anymore. I was having to use to just feel normal and to get out of bed in the morning or complete any task that i needed to do. In and out of detox, treatment and prison. In 2014 i was sent away again and wasnt released until 2017. After my release and through gods grace and learning about me and the underlying issues as to why i had to have something to feel normal, i was able to maintain sobriety. I mended broken relationships that i thought would never be fixed. One being with my daughter who had wanted nothing to do with me bc of my active using. With the help of god i became all the things that everyone had told me i wouldnt be. Employable, a father, brother, reliable and dependable. I started helping others find treatment who were just like me and looking for away out. In 2019 i went back to school and became a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. At my graduation i was able to stand next to the man who had sent me away and be looked at as an equal and not the addict that was running the street and hurting my family or others i said i loved. Today i continue to help others in anyway that i can. Ive learned that it helps me to reach back in and help others to find the better way of life thats available to us all through the process of recovery and with GOD by myside!

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