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Check out a new video from us at G.C.O.


Here is another video describing some more philosophies of God's Chosen Ones...please comment on any advice you may have in spreading our message...You can either comment on this post directly at our website or email us at and if you would like to speak with anyone of our staff please call 717-889-0466...

Check this video out and stay tuned for more from God's Chosen Ones!!


Also consider helping us out by donating and supporting us so that we can continue helping those suffering from addiction, we don't just help the addicted but we do it for the ones surrounding the addict: the families and loved are the ones who suffer in silence as the hope and pray that their loved one gets better.... If you can help in any way, we appreciate it,below you will see the page you can donate one embedded.... We were chosen for each new day and the proof is in the pain we feel as we said goodbye to so many others....We are God's Chosen Ones...

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