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COvid-19 has not kept us from the fight, but we need your help!!!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

These have some scary and unprecedented times. Although we have all been affected by this virus, we are filled with sorrow for those affected the most and we are also grateful to have not been majorly affected.

Those of us at God's Chosen Ones have been working tirelessly to continue the work of helping those new to sobriety through our transition home here in Lebanon, PA.

We realize that this work is too big for us alone and we need your help tremendously! Consider contributing towards a great cause that has effected us all in some way....

Also consider joining our team remotely by using the Microsoft teams software to have direct access to everything going on in the transition home. Simply download the Teams app on either Iphone or Android. Then send me a message of interest to

Then accept the invite and start giving your input. Also keep in mind that that these are real time situations and your input will impact real lives for the better. So, join us and help us change the world!!!

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