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HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

As we celebrate #independenceday, we want to share some very exciting news!

Our founder and leader, Mr. Warren Garrett has been working tirelessly to get the funding necessary to be able to leave his job and enter into ministry full-time. Warren always had a goal of one day being able to leave his job and stand in service of making the world a better place for all mankind.

The problem was of course funding, Warren had to remain working in order to fund the God’s Chosen Ones Men’s Transition Home. Although we had been blessed by those in the community who graciously contributed, it was still not enough for Warren to be able to resign from his current position at his day job.

Warren tirelessly and selflessly began the long process of seeking out different sources of funding. Those who have ever tried to secure funding in the nonprofit sector know how difficult it can be to secure enough funding, especially for operations.

Well, as of 7/2/2021, we have been granted the funding necessary for our leader, Warren Garrett to step fully into his role as President and lead minister of the God’s Chosen Ones organization…

Below, you will see Warren walking in from his last day as an employee and his first day as a full time minister and GCO leader…

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