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Exactly one year ago today I made the decision to launch God's Chosen Ones. My inspiration came from many places and people. My desire to join the fight against addiction began to take shape when my dear friend Kelly passed away from an overdose. Many people felt it since she wasn't a bad person, in fact she was the nicest person with a smile that lit up a room.

I began to feel the sting of stigma that is attached to addiction with the realization that when people that didnt know Kelly thought of her it would be in a negative light.

I also began to feel a tug in this direction throughout my time working with different programs in the Lebanon, PA area. I saw that most people who entered treatment did not find success in sobriety. I saw these people come and go and I saw first hand how these people were treated as they left these programs. You have to understand that these are Christian programs, but as people left these places they would be told that they wouldn't make it, that they would fail, and/or that they would die. It blew my mind as to the level of negativity that would get spoken into these peoples lives.

I also saw how these programs would blame the addict for the low success rate of the program itself but it was the program that had more of an ability to change. These programs recieve funding and resources and if they focus on what they could either add or subtract from the program in order to make sobriety more appealing, there would be more success.

With this and the belief that some great people had in me, I decided to take action, I decided to take personal responsibility for the ones that were lost and join the fight against addiction with a revolutionary battle cry: WE CAN ALWAYS DO MORE!! Lets change the world!!

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