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Happy Father’s Day

To all of the amazing dads out there, where would we be without you. Our founder, Mr. Warren Garrett always points out that he is a ‘junior’ he was fortunate enough to be named after his dad. He didn’t always understand what kind of an honor this was, since growing up as a kid he never really liked his name. It wasn’t until much later in his life that he was told about how jealous his older brother was about not having their father’s name. Warren’s older brother Byron would not even call Warren by his name for many years. Warren never knew this as a child, in fact Warren spent many years dragging his fathers name by constantly getting into trouble with the law. As a young man Warren routinely struggled to bring any kind of honor to his father’s name. Warren’s name used to be in the newspaper for criminal activity not realizing the shame he was putting on those who came before him. However, thanks to the saving grace of our Father in heaven, Warren was awakened to the importance of honoring the name given to us not only by our earthly fathers but we also should live in honor of who we are in the most high king Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ)

At God’s chosen ones it is our goal to introduce people to who they are in God’s eyes, how special they are and that they have been chosen specifically from the beginning of time. We have found that people are less likely to return to darkness when they realize who they are and as Warren eventually realized, we must bring honor to our names as they represent who gave them to us…

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