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Happy Labor Day

A lot of people use Labor Day as just an end to summer or an extra day off work. But Labor Day has a very historical meaning to the workers of this country.

At first, Labor Day was just celebrated with speeches and a parade but it was born out of unrest over horrible working conditions. This was met with massive strikes and sometimes violent protests.

Origins of Labor Day

“By the late 19th century the industrial revolution had created a new type of slavery in that working conditions were terrible and completely unsafe . In many places, workers toiled for at least 12 hours a day six days a week in mines, factories, railroads, and mills. Children were especially exploited as cheap laborers who were less likely to strike. Sweatshops locked workers in small, crowded spaces, and punished them for talking or singing as they worked.

Outrage at these conditions galvanized the burgeoning labor movement, which organized strikes and rallies in the 1860s and 1870s. In addition to shorter workdays and safer conditions, workers fought for recognition of their contributions.”

(National Geographic)

Now we are able to have safe working conditions and American workers are now recognized as a valuable part of or society. As we move through the Covid-19 pandemic, we are facing unprecedented times. Never before has there been such priority given to the worker. Companies are now realizing the need to pay a more living wage. This is also the best time for any career change. Really take a look at where you work, and know that if you want to change careers this is the most opportune time. Especially for those considering going into business for themselves and why not?

This Labor Day really take some time to focus on you and consider what it is that you really want to be doing.

Do you have a heart for inspiring the uninspired?

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