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Happy Memorial Day!!!

The God’s Chosen Ones Men’s Transition Home is honored to be located in Lebanon, PA as it gives us close proximity to the Veterans Affairs medical hospital, often referred to as the VA. We have been honored to be in service to our men in uniform. The residents of the Lebanon VA hospital sometimes are overcoming issues relating to the realities of addiction. We have been honored to be able to serve the brave heroes with a place to rebuild from. The God’s Chosen Ones Men’s Transition Home has been home to plenty of men with a military background.

Understanding that Veterans need those of a similar background helping in their recovery since only a veteran can truly understand the pain of a veteran. Our mission is to provide a place that will solely be for veterans alone. This new house will be a place of healing for those who have suffered through the realities of combat. Please consider donating as we will be using 100% of your contribution to build a new house for those who were brave enough to stand in front and defend our freedoms. Our veterans need a place where they can heal together while simultaneously helping to relieve the burden placed on the current Veterans Affairs medical system. These men are often stuck within the walls of these hospitals with nowhere else to turn. Our mission is to help free these men into a life that they deserve.

To donate:

For more info contact our staff at:

(717) 889-0466


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