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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We hope this finds you in good health and advancing in all areas of your life. The God’s Chosen Ones ministry is getting ready to go through a trying time. Our leader and director of the Chosen Few men’s transition home, Warren Garrett is going through a serious surgery on his spine. His dedication to serving is pushing him to stay with the men through his 3 month recovery. Warren has been at the head of the G.C.O. Organization since day one and has bore the responsibilities of bringing in new men to the transition home, he also has been the main source of funding for all things G.C.O. Thank God for his peace as we move toward Mr. Garrett’s operation. We have been so blessed already that we should not worry, we should look to these times of blessing as proof that everything will be ok. Our main source of worry is Warren’s extreme dedication to the fight against addiction, taking on too much could prolong his recovery. We ask that you consider helping through these next couple months in any way, even a meal for the men of the transition home would be an amazing blessing. If your heart does lead you to give monetarily, visit us at

Also feel free to stop by the transition home where Warren will be recovering. Your words of encouragement would be a priceless resource that would be sure to cause a ripple effect all throughout the men’s transition home. Our address is 361 N. 8th st. Lebanon, PA 17042

Also check out our YouTube channel for information on some of our methods and strategies for overcoming addiction throughout our communities...

“...We were chosen for each new day...we look for greatness in ourselves and each other...we are God’s Chosen Ones...”

Warren Garrett


God’s Chosen Ones

Founded 11/18/2018

EIN: 83-2531763

DUNS: 116902989

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