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Renovations are Under Way!!!

Our organization has been given the opportunity to obtain a huge property in the Lebanon Pennsylvania area to continue our work in fighting addiction. This house will be the first official headquarters for God's Chosen Ones. We will be promoting the healing from addiction through inspiration rather than force. We believe that a person must be inspired to change rather than simply forced to. We will have people coming in to speak and teach on subjucts such as credit repair,bank accounts and much more. Of course we will pair financial education with the Supreme knowledge of Jesus Christ. Along with this we will be attending leadership conferences as well as motivational conferences to develop inspiration. Unfortunately there is not enough of this type of activity within current programs but our aim is to be that 'city upon the hill' in order to be an example to others... Please support us by donaring,we are in need of furniture and cosmetic products as well as any financial support that you may be led to give. Together we can improve ths success rates of those leaving treatment which will help us all as our communities continue to improve with less people succumbing to addiction...To get involved contact our staff at 717-889-0466.

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