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The Origins of Roe v Wade

Alot of people are talking about abortion lately since all the latest changes to the law. However, we have to first understand the origins of how we got to legal abortion in the first place.

Back in the early 70's the racial tension was still thick in the air. The civil rights movement was still fresh on everyones mind and integration was still a fairly new concept.

In comes Norma Mccorvey, a woman from Texas who went looking to get an abortion with the false claim that not only had she been raped but she had been gang raped by black men! In her search she crossed paths with 2 young lawyers,Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee. Looking to challenge abortion laws in texas they had found the perfect subject to use for their agenda. A young white woman who had been raped by black men shouldnt be made to give birth to such a child. At least to ensure that abortion would he made legal. She testified before a senate subcommittee in 1998 that she had lied and was used to further an agenda. When in all actuality she was a severe drug and alcohol addict in need of a quick fix to her reckless behavior that brought forth a child.

The main point here is that our drug problem in this country indirectly led to the legalization of abortion. I encourage you to read Norma Mccorvey's biography for the full story.

The drug problem that we have stretches out over all of life and affects us all. In the same way the solutions will have a positive effect on us all. Of course there are no easy answers but we need to be willing to search for solutions and admit when something is not working. Those of us at God's Chosen Ones have made it our mission to search out solutions for the underlying problem of ineffective treatment, by establishing a solid aftercare program that will serve to enhance the current methods of treatment offered today, if we all work together we can beat this thing and if nothing else, give our youth a better world to live in....

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