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Treatment:A billion dollar mistake

The current state of drig addiction treatment is at a very low point. Nationally we are at about a 2% success rate. Not to mention the fact that only about 10% of people that need treatment ever attempt to obtain it. So, only 2% of the 10% acheive success in sobriety. The rest of those suffering from addiction are back in our communities costing us all. And even if you have trouble developing and empathy for those addicted, then consider the ones around them that have been affected. Consider the families who are suffering unimaginable pain as they watch their loved ones destroy themselves. What ablut the kids? They will be the most affected furthering the destruction of our future communities.

We have developed an aftercare program that will look to inspire these men to achieve the greatness that is within them. If not for there sake than for the sake of us all.

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