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Only 2%

With tattoo fever becoming a real thing, you might stumble across someone bearing a 2% tattoo. This number is a powerful symbol that speaks to the immense amount of work that is still needed in the fight against addiction.

Those who bear this tattoo, wear it with pride because it points to the victory in that persons life. Most who bear the the mark of the 2% have survived a battle that many will not.

The 2% is representative of the mere 2% of people who are statistically shown to have success in drug and alcohol treatment.

First it must be understood that this number (2%) has its faults since the flaws of anonymity make it almost impossible for solid research to be done in the field of substance treatment. Second, this number only speaks to those who have completed treatment, which doesn’t guarantee success in sobriety. The completion of treatment doesn’t mean that one will not backslide once out of the treatment setting. The opposite is also true since those who do not complete treatment are not ensured to avoid success in sobriety moving forward.

Although this 2% should be worn as a badge of honor for perseverance in the face of addiction, it also speaks to the too many that were lost… The 98%

For those of us who have been called into this fight against addiction, it should be our mission to bring more of the 98% over into the side of the too few 2%.

The God’s Chosen Ones organization has given up the comfort of resting on the philosophy that we only need to save one. We understand that we need to reach more than one. We have instead made it our mission to reach the 98%, taking full responsibility for those who don’t make it. We have released ourselves from the bondage of company policy and outdated methods that were created in a world that no longer exists (A/A, N/A). Instead we are members of a select group who are willing to add or subtract from our methods in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the lives of those new to sobriety.

At the God’s Chosen Ones Men’s Transition Home, we look to inspire the uninspired. We have vowed to stand guard in front of those who were lost against those who would look to blame them, with accusations of “not working the program” and “not wanting it bad enough”. We understand that this battle is not about want or desire, but rather a broken (or diseased) part of the mental structure that controls decision making.

If you or a loved one is in need of a place to go... We can help, don’t allow pride to stop you from living your best life...We can show you how...

God’s Chosen Ones is dedicated to helping men get back on their feet through employment assistance, opioid maintenance medication support, spiritual education and support and most of all we will not give up on trying to find strategies that are most effective in assisting with treatment aftercare.

To donate:

For more info contact our staff at:

(717) 889-0466


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