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we passed!!!!

Hello fellow chosen ones! I hope that this finds you all well. The God's Chosen Ones organization has been blessed to have a beautiful home to use as our transition home in Lebanon Pennsylvania. Unfortunately this home sat vacant for a while and had been used as what is called a 'shooting alley'. A 'shooting alley' is a place that is usually vacant or abandoned and people addicted to heroin will squat in these places and inject heroin.

This house was in horrible condition when we first acquired it. We were blessed by so many people who were willing to come and volunteer their skills and time. Although the house was not in the greatest shape, we were still able to see the vision we had for this place. Just to mention a few, Joe Y. and the brothers from the 'Joshua' house were among the many volunteers who came and made this place look brand new. We were also blessed financially by Zeigler's Distribution, the employees also gave supplies and many other forms of donations for the men who would eventually reside here.

With everyone's hard work we finally came to a point where we were ready to officially open our doors and begin the process of housing motivated men as they entered back into society. However, we still had one final hurdle to cross before this could happen. We had to pass an official inspection with the city in order to officially open our doors. I am happy to announce that as of today WE PASSED!!!!

Please consider donating to our house of healing and advancement. We can use some more twin beds, a desk for the office, office chairs, any household supplies, hygiene products, even covered dishes are great since most guys(including myself) are not the best cooks lol...

I am so humbled by this opportunity to be able to serve the community by providing a place of healing for these men. Remember, the more lives that can change helps us all to be able to live in better communities, but we can not do it on our own. We must come together and support each other in an effort to change the world by changing lives one at a time. Thank you and God bless you in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.

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