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Welcome to God’s Chosen Ones!!!

Hello, we hope this finds you well. We wanted to send out some information regarding our transition home and the philosophies that we put into practice with the goal of maximizing effectiveness.

Feel free to share this information with who ever you may feel would benefit from it. We have found that a lot of people struggling with someone in active addiction may find it hard to just get someone on the phone. We have a team of individuals ready to help in anyway that we can, even if just to listen. Also included is Warren Garrett’s personal number, he is always willing to help someone who may need some direction concerning addiction. Even if our place is not a good fit, let us help with the placement of the individual in another place that may be a better fit.

Loving someone during their active addiction is a spiritually and emotionally draining, allow us to assist in any way that we can as we only look to serve.

Consider the following...and let us know what you think and/or suggest...

Expand the pictures to read...

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