The Sober Truth


An excellent resource for those dealing with any kind of addiction. This publication will serve as a guide for those new to the process of recovery. The information within the pages of this book can potentially be life-saving as familes and loved ones are often left not knowing what to do.  This can be such an overwhelming time for those facing the realities of addiction. This information can be the difference between saved and lost as you may one day be in need of guidance in dealing with addiction.


Author note: Warren Garrett is the founder of the God's Chosen Ones organization.  His role within the organization as President has been very beneficial in organizational growth.  Mr. Garrett leads the God's Chosen Ones men's transition home as lead minister and Director.  The transition house serves as an entry point into  society for those new to sobriety.  The lessons and mini-courses are derived from the philosophies outlined in this publication. Warren is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Psychology from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  His own experience in finding his way through recovery led to his calling to help those still in the struggle. Mr. Garrett has devoted the rest of his life to the healing of those suffering through the realities of addiction, especially the families and loved ones who suffer unjustly.


"We can always do more..."

Warren Garrett

(G.C.O. Director)


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The Clean Facts (formerly known as The Sober Truth)

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  • Author: Warren Garrett


    Written: 11/18/2018